Vocational and Career Training Degree Programs

Vocations are careers and the people who work in vocational fields tend to stay in their respective areas for long periods of time. The word vocation has its origins in religion where a person had a certain calling and performed those duties as part of his life. What distinguishes vocational and career training from a conventional education is that it prepares an individual for a very specific career. This type of training focuses on the work that a specific career demands and also teaches industry-specific skills and knowledge. Very little time is spent on theory as most of the learning involved relates to the career of choice. The benefit of a vocational training program is that learning is done on the job, which means you get paid as you are trained for your work. Whether you are a carpenter, plumber or electrician, most of your education is hands on and paid – often with full benefits. Vocational jobs are almost always in high demand which translates to steady work. Those lucky enough to find their dream vocation get to do that kind of work for the rest of his or her life. Unlike many other jobs, where a person doesn’t get to experience much longevity or are forced to switch careers, vocations allow for the mastery of certain crafts through years of work and learning. If you are looking for the one job that will stay consistent for the rest of your life, consider a vocational career. The links below are a perfect place to get started whether you have already made up your mind or are taking it into consideration.