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Lincoln College Online is the online section of Lincoln College of Technology. This aims at integrating education to launch engaging interactive programs and courses. The online college has introduced an exciting interactive method of learning and enhancing the career amidst the flexible schedule. The courses offered by the Lincoln College Online are taught by qualified faculty members. The Associate Degree Programs and the Bachelor’s Degree Programs largely benefits the candidates who opt for the courses. The working masses interested to enhance their professional capabilities find the online courses ardently beneficial. The online Bachelor’s Degree favors the candidates in a number of ways. The prime of all is that the candidates with a Bachelor’s degree earn an annual salary of 65% more than those with only a high school diploma and the bachelor degree holders have negligible amount of unemployment among the masses. Lastly, drift in with the educated masses as only 27.5 percent of US population has a Bachelor’s Degree. The online Associate degree programs welcome millions of American candidates attempting advance in academic studies and in search of better career. Obtaining an Associate Degree happens to be a very attractive option before students interested in advancing their professional career. The Associate Degree holders have an easy access to jobs and it is featured that the fastest growing occupations with plentiful job openings draw workers having an Associate Degree. The Associate Degree holders earn more than those having the highest level of education from a high school because of the high yielding value of the graduates with specialized career training.

Online Degree Programs Offered by Lincoln College

The college offers online educational programs of Associate programs in Applied Science, Science and Bachelor degrees in Science – Business Management, Science – Criminal Justice and the Study of the Criminal Mind, Science – Information Management & Security, Science – Integrated Marketing Communications & Design.


The Lincoln College Online is affiliated by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). It is a nationally recognized accreditation agency hosted by the US Department of Education.

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Online Associate’s Degree Programs

  • AS – Business Management
  • AS – Network Communications & Information Systems (NCIS) with Microsoft Systems
  • AAS – Advanced Medical Billing and Coding
  • AS – Criminal Justice

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • BS – Business Management
  • BS – Information Management & Security
  • BS – Criminal Justice and Study of the Criminal Mind

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