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Online Learning at Boston University is an exceptional experience.

It goes without saying that you’ll receive the same high quality level of education as students on campus. You’ll learn from the same world-class faculty. You’ll be challenged to meet the same rigorous academic standards. And like 250,000 other respected BU Alumni , you’ll have a degree you can be proud of when you finish.

But you’ll learn in a format designed specifically for online delivery.

So what does that mean?


Boston University Online programs are filled with activities, animations, and simulations to ensure that students get the most out of their experience—many of our graduates tell us that the education they received at Boston University Online was the most engaging and rewarding that they’ve ever had. Students participate actively in each course through a variety of means, including online discussions and group assignments.


BU online is an interactive community of students. Boston University Online students are organized into small groups that form a kind of virtual classroom. Each small group is led by an expert facilitator who answers questions about subject material, coordinates class discussion, assists with assignments, and supports students throughout their studies. In addition, students have their own virtual space within each course where they can post ideas, have casual conversation, share opinions, and even make friends with classmates from all around the world.


Versatility is a key feature of Boston University Online courses and programs. Online course materials are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from any location. Which means that students can learn where and when it works best—for them. Each student determines which hours are best for studying, attending lectures, and completing assignments. Though students must complete course requirements within an established time frame, the actual hours spent meeting those requirements are mostly at the convenience of each individual.


Boston University Online has a lot to offer—knowledge, reward, and the means to achieve them. In return, our students bring a good deal of focus and commitment to their education. We highly recommend online learning to those who are self-motivated when it comes to their studies. Our most successful students take an active initiative to correspond with instructors and classmates, and complete their assignments with little prompting.


Boston University Online programs are designed for maximized convenience. But it is important to remember that they also present students with a rigorous academic experience. Our programs are meant to challenge you so that you can meet your goals—and we know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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