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Real estate experts are involved in the lengthy and detailed transactions of buying and selling real estate properties. They have professional knowledge and expertise in fixing a fair price for a property, securing homeowners’ insurance, ensuring the safety and security factors of a property, and filling out the vital documents related to taxes and titles. In fact, real estate transactions are so various, that real estate experts can be undertaking quite diverse fields of actions.

For example, real estate brokers and sales agents cooperate with buyers for buying a property and with sellers for selling it. While the value of the property is estimated by real estate assessors and appraisers, it is the task of a real estate inspector to check a property’s safety codes, amenities, ordinances and zoning regulations. A student cannot be a real estate professional unless he pursues license training on a specific area of real estate and passes a written test.

The training requirements for real estate experts vary state by state and sometimes depending on the type or value of property. The license is provided only when candidates earn a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in real estate. The Bachelor’s degree can be on a variety of subjects like economics, real estate, and finance but the training course will have to concentrate on a particular field. Training courses are generally based on areas like building inspection, home inspection, construction technology, drafting, and mathematics.

Real estate experts require a basic high school diploma to step into the world of dealing with properties. For advanced positions of real estate agents, students must go for college degrees on real estate in order to understand the complexities of tax laws, local zoning, home financing, and title searches. Online associates or bachelor’s degrees in real estate are available in many educational institutions with some even offering master’s degrees to help students study in specialized fields without disrupting their current schedules.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the real estate agents and brokers can undergo an 14% increase in their career prospect over the next ten years. The salary scales for real state agents can verge on an average of $40,150, while real estate brokers can receive $57,500.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

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