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As a special branch of science, psychology deals with the mental processes and behavioral functioning of the human psyche. Hence, the task of a psychologist is to study human and animal thought, motives, reactions, feelings and tendencies. They endeavor to improve and cure behavioral abnormalities through counseling without administering medication. Therefore, more than a medical degree, psychologists need a genuine desire to help improve the quality of life of others. However, a successful psychologist has to study in specialized fields of psychology such as social psychology, child psychology, occupational psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology etc. to teach or do research in the future.

Aspiring psychologists could take up online courses in psychology at the undergraduate, Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. Moreover, option of pursuing Professional Certificates is also available. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree would equip students with an overview of research, clinical history and methodologies. Both the Master of Science and Master of Social Work degrees are best for students wanting to take up to private practice and clinical work. PhD is also meant for high-end clinical practice and research. A professional psychiatrist must earn his Doctor of Medicine distinction for better career opportunities. A psychologist’s remuneration and career options would depend on the specialization and area of work.

After completing their online degree programs in psychology, candidates can pursue career scopes in various branches such as organizational psychology, social services, marriage and family therapy, education psychology, sports psychology. Besides these, candidates could also seek prestigious and responsible posts for psychologists such as clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, school psychologist, developmental psychologists, forensic psychologist, sports psychologist etc.

Salary Information and Job Prospects

According to the predictions of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for clinical, counseling, and school psychologists holding a degree in the mental health field of psychology is set to increase 11% over the next ten years. Due to the expanding domain of health care, the importance of psychology is being increasingly felt in schools and clinics, leading to a fast paced growth rate of jobs in the filed of psychology. Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists can expect a median salary of $39,010-$108,670.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

Featured Psychology Schools & Programs

Keiser University

Since 1977, Keiser University has maintained a practical, hands-on approach to career-focused education to help our students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our student-centered approach remains at the foundation of the Keiser University mission and continues to attract students who prefer a more personal learning experience.

At Keiser University, you will find a warm, friendly community with faculty and staff truly committed to your success. Our small class sizes, individualized attention, and one-class-at-a-time schedules create a positive learning environment where you can excel. Whether your goal is to prepare for a new career or to advance with your current employer, Keiser University is designed around your needs.
h3. Keiser University Advantage

  • Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs
  • Day, Evening, and Online Classes
  • Financial Aid to Those Who Qualify
  • Job Placement Assistance Available
  • Military-friendly, scholarships for qualified active duty personnel, Veterans, and dependants. Yellow Ribbon program participant, approved for Veterans training
    Programs and delivery format vary by campus. Courses are subject to change.

Keiser University’s programs and curriculum remain in-line with technology and workforce trends, helping you develop the skills and qualifications necessary to succeed in today’s job market. Our career-focused programs make it possible for you to graduate in less time than you may think.

Keiser University is a private, not-for-profit university.

South University

South University enjoys a long-standing tradition of excellence in education and personalized student attention.
Since its humble beginnings, South University has experienced continued growth transforming from a two-year college into a four-year university offering associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree programs with campus locations in Columbia, South Carolina; Montgomery, Alabama; Savannah, Georgia; and Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Lincoln College of New England

Lincoln College of New England offers a number of things you would expect from a traditional 4-year college – quality academics, a wide selection of career-focused programs and a well-seasoned faculty. But we offer something even more amazing than that: a personal approach that focuses on your individual success as a student.

This personalized focus has been the hallmark of our success. Our limited class sizes and dedicated college instructors make this student-centered approach possible. It’s what truly sets us apart from other colleges – and what helps give our Lincoln graduates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You can choose from a variety of undergraduate degree programs within the fields of Health Sciences, Business, Communications, Hospitality, and more. All of our Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees, and Certificate programs offer in-depth curriculums that will prepare you to be amazing in the career field of your choice. Plus, you’ll enjoy flexible class schedules and the option of on-campus housing. Whichever campus or program you select, you can count on going far with the career-skills, confidence and credentials you can only get from Lincoln College of new England!

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Programs vary by campus.