What Matters Most With a College or University

What Matters Most With a College or University

When you think about colleges and universities, what is your first thought?  Do you think of some ivy league school like Harvard University or Oxford University? Or do you think of your local college campus or even your local community college.

The realitoxford_collegey is that all colleges are not equal, but that does not have to stop you from finding the right one that fits you and your career goals. What matters most when choosing the right college or university might surprise you.

1) The Name Brand – If you are like most people, you will not make it to Oxford, however having a Name Brand University can mean the difference between getting a job or not. Imagine someone interviewing two people. The first person graduated from University of Phoenix in Medical Assisting. The second person graduated from Fort Smith City College with the same degree. You have a better chance in the job market when starting out, if you have a degree from a name brand.

2) Your Interest in the Program – More than the actual college itself is you. How motivated are you to obtain a degree in a particular field. Do you want to be known by that title for 10-20 years? Finding a college that specializes in your career path is far better than a generic university with a mediocre program.

3) Obtaining the Degree – Put simply, employers look for someone who has actually received a degree. Why? Because it tells the employer that your are a person that can fulfill a commitment, that you can accomplish what you set your mind to, and that you are dedicated.

Finding the right college matters. Find a college or university now.