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The work of a florist exercises creativity in arranging innovative flower designs and patterns. Aspiring florists must have a service-oriented focus, rich imagination along with strong visual and verbal communication skills. Florists can choose to be either self-employed or find sophisticated floral display jobs in hotels, floral shops, boutiques, event planning companies, private residences, parties or under an interior designer.

Since the modern floral designs change trends very fast, a student must have the mental flexibility and openness to adopt new styles and patterns. Prospective florists must be capable of handling work pressure and meeting deadlines, fill up the stocks in time and meet unique customer-service requirements. A skillful and trained florist can be entrusted with the prestigious responsibilities of designing table displays for banquets, weddings and making corsages for films and T.V shows.

Hence, aspiring florists must take the first step towards their career by undertaking floral design training programs at the certificate and diploma levels. These training courses are also available in online colleges and provide a comprehensive knowledge of floral design basics, ornamental horticulture and floriculture to the trainees. Floral designing coursework covers a range of subjects like botany, soil management, hydrology, chemistry, microbiology, and pesticides.

A student learns about the basic aspects of handling plants with care, the different varieties of flowers, ways to keep flower arrangements fresh for long and a range of practical details about bows and ribbons, shapes and colors of flowers etc. If they have the right skills, florists can find a good career even without obtaining formal associate or bachelor degrees in floral design, horticulture or floriculture.

Salary & Employment Information

If a florist wishes to open his own business, he can start with a simple high school diploma. However, those seeking employment with other concerns must pass the florist accreditation examinations under The American Institute of Floral Designers. The students proving their mettle in five areas of floral designs & wedding arrangements, table arrangements, funeral tributes, wearable flowers, and an arrangement category of their choice can obtain an accreditation and enjoy excellent career prospects.

The demands for florists remain high on some particular seasons and especially because a major section of the workforce always opt for self-employment means. However, if a student can stick to his profession and overcomes the initial low pays he can enjoy a good job outlook and a salary scale between $16,940 and $35,840 in their future.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

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