Is Vaping A Boon Or Bane Over Social Media?

    Is Vaping A Boon Or Bane Over Social Media?

    It has always seen that social media is the best mode of advertisement. Vapers enjoy sharing their vaping experiences with one another by posting pictures and videos online. Vaping is nothing, but another hobby for them, which they love sharing online. However, the question is, is it good or bad?

    What people need to know is that vaping is not popularized to normalize cigarette smoking. It instead helps people to quit smoking. So, if you think that vaping is becoming a trend in social media acts as a threat to your future generation, then you need to know the facts.

    Popularization of vaping on social media helps smoker to quit tobacco cigarette and find an alternative, where they can smoke without using nicotine. Social media actually helps people to come together and help one another from every corner of the world, who are struggling to quit smoking.

    Vapers use different platforms of social media to popularize vaping culture like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These platforms help people to find vape liquids and devices at lower rates than in the stores. Pure Vape is one of the best online shopping websites for buying quality vape products.

    However, since social media allows people to exchange their views, there are both pros and cons of these reviews. What you need to be sure of is, who is sharing the information and is the information is authentic. Talking good and bad about products is all marketing strategies.

    You should always do proper research before using a product. Never come to the conclusion, reading individual opinions. Always look for facts and check if the person is simply expressing his opinion or is referring to some study. It is very easy to get fooled on social media, you never know if the person is simply sharing the information because he personally is against it.

    The number of cigarette smoking population has drastically dropped in the US, and studies suggest that the use of vaping is one of the main reasons for this. However, the main concern lies in the use of vaping devices among teenagers, who find it cool because of the different tricks that they can do.

    Though these products are available only for adult’s use and products containing nicotine has warning in its label, teenagers anyway find some or the other way to find these products. So, parents need to be very careful about their child’s internet usage.

    According to mental health experts, talking to children and having a healthy discussion is one of the best ways to prevent your child from any kind of substance abuse. Some of the ways to prevent your child from adopting such hobbies are:

    • Teach your child to have a critical thinking about everything they find online.
    • Don’t just leave your children with the internet entire they.
    • Monitor everything they watch in the internet.
    • Reduce their internet usage.
    • Talk to your children and educate them about such products.

    We all know how injurious smoking is to our health and you surely won’t encourage your child to engage in smoking.  So, even if it offends few people, it is a better that they are able to discuss and share their experiences on social media helping each other to quit smoking.

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