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Fitness and nutrition science is the study of the chemical and biological components of food and the way these components affect our overall health. With a degree or certificate in food and nutrition science, you can easily embark on a successful career as a nutritionist, dietitian, or food scientist. Nutritionists and dietitians work with individual patients or larger communities (such as schools or nursing homes) to design a nutritional program geared towards promoting health and fitness. while food scientists study the nutritional value and preservation methods of common foods.

As mainstream society becomes more aware of the impact of food on our health and the necessity of a well-balanced diet, the demand for professionals trained in food and nutrition scientist is growing. Consequently it is now possible for qualified nutritionists to gain positions in advertising, academia, government departments, and consulting agencies. Available positions in the field of food and nutrition science is expected to increase 9% over the next 7 years.


The duties of a food and nutrition science practitioner vary based upon what capacity you plan to work in. In general, all dietitians and nutritionists will use their skills to design healthy meals, supervise preparation, and monitor the effects of diet upon the body. They will also treat or prevent illnesses and conditions such as diabetes and obesity by eliminating unhealthy components of patient’s diet or reducing the daily intake of certain elements, like salt, sugar, or fat. The basic duty of all food and nutrition science professionals is to promote health and provide support for individuals suffering from nutrition related diseases.

Choosing to specialize in a certain type of nutritional science will open up a number of specific job positions to you. The most common areas of specialization are as follows:

  • Clinical Dietitian: Supervises dietary care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and private clinics in conjunction with doctors. Clinical dietitians will often work with the obese, the young, or the critically ill.
  • Community Dietitian: Supervises the general dietary health of a community, such as a school or a nursing home. Community dietitians often find employment in local and federal health agencies.
  • Management Dietitian: As the name implies, a management dietitian is in charge of managing the nutritional health of a large community such as a prison or school, purchasing supplies, overseeing the budget, and supervising other dietitians.
  • Consultant Dietitian: Works under contract for health care centers, gyms, or in their own private practice. Consultants may also work with sports teams or grocery stores to design diet plans.
  • Food Processor: Supervises the production of food, overseeing the nutritional and sanitary elements. Processors might also consult with advertising or marketing needs as well.

Education & Licensing

Most nutrition and food science positions require a B.S. degree in nutrition. The degree takes approximately 4 years to complete and covers the basic elements of nutrition such as microbiology, food nutrition, food technology, and agricultural marketing. To advance in your career as a dietitian or nutritionist, you may consider earning an M.S. degree in nutrition along with a B.S. M.S. programs will allow you to specialize in certain areas of food science and will diversify your skill set as well.

To begin work as a nutritionist or dietitian, it is essential that you look into the presently enacted laws for nutritionists in your area. Currently 48 states require some kind of licensing in order to practice. Gaining licensure may include taking an examination or partaking in a specific course of study every few years. Certain employers may also ask for candidates to earn a certain type of certification. Investigate the requirements in the area and workplace you wish to practice before applying.

Featured Fitness & Nutrition Programs and Schools

Baltimore School of Massage

Prepare for a Career That You Will Love… in Massage Therapy!

Do you want a career that offers the satisfaction of helping people and a work environment that is positive and exciting? With the education you will receive at the Baltimore School of Massage York Campus, that career can be yours.

Massage therapy is a flexible and rewarding career in which you not only take care of others – you also take care of yourself! You can work in a resort spa, cruise ship, medical office, sports clinic, destination spa, or a day spa close to home. You can even start your own private practice!

Why choose the Baltimore School of Massage York Campus?

  • Graduate in as little as 7 1/2 months.
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
  • Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).
  • Graduate with valuable hands-on experience in our student clinic.
  • Career placement assistance is provided to all of our students and graduates.
  • Day or evening classes are available.
  • Our graduates work for many of the top spa industry employers in the nation.

5,000 New Job Opportunities Every Year!

The Baltimore School of Massage York Campus is part of the Steiner Education Group (SEG), which operates massage therapy schools and skin care schools at locations across the nation.

SEG’s National Career Services Department has developed a worldwide network of thousands of employers, which generates an average of more than 5,000 new job opportunities for SEG graduates each year!

Of course, your success ultimately depends on you. The Baltimore School of Massage York Campus cannot guarantee employment or salary. But our career services assistance starts when you are a student and does not stop even after you graduate. From your first job to your last in the industry – whether you need help tomorrow or ten years from now – we’re here to help you succeed.

The Steiner Advantage

The Steiner Education Group is a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure Limited, a global provider of spa services. Steiner Leisure Limited operates more than 175 spas and salons on cruise ships and at resorts worldwide. Steiner spas recruit from the Baltimore School of Massage York Campus.

  • York
  • Professional Massage Therapy Program

Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy

The Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy Offers:

  • Full-time and Part-time Classes
  • Hands-On Training in multiple modalities of bodywork
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty
  • Innovative and Cutting-edge Curriculum
  • Financial Aid for those who qualify
  • Scholarship and Grant Opportunities
  • LIFETIME Career Placement Services

The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy is the perfect place to start training for your massage therapy career.

Request information today! Your future is in your hands!

The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy has been training talented, caring and successful Massage Therapists since 1999. All programs are in compliance with current New York State Education Department requirements. The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage is proud to be named a School of Distinction by the national accrediting agency, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. This award recognizes schools that have demonstrated a commitment to delivering quality educational programs to the students, graduates and employers.

Through a comprehensive program of study which carefully balances the art and science of therapeutic massage the program strives to enrich the lives of its students. By empowering students with knowledge and understanding of the human body, they will be able to speak intelligently and professionally to their clients and other health care practitioners about the importance of massage therapy in preventive and palliative care.

CNW Offers Full Time and Part Time programs in the following formats:

  • 9 Month Full-Time program meets 4 days per week, beginning each February and September.
  • 12 Month Full-Time program meets 3 to 4 times per week, beginning in June.
  • Part-Time Morning program meets 5 mornings per week and one Saturday per month, beginning each February and September (14 Months).
  • Part-Time Evening program meets 3 evenings per week and one or two Saturdays per month, beginning each March and October (21 Months).

3 Cerone Commercial Drive
Albany, NY 12205

  • Albany
  • Massage Therapy