Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Overview

The majority of college students are able to fund their college education through family savings, federal and private loans and full time or part-time jobs. However, there are other students in need of free financial aid to enter college. Within this group, according to US Department of Education statistics, there are about 6 million people aged 25 years or older.

Some in this large group are adults without high school diplomas who need a college degree to increase their income potential. Colleges offer financial aid for students who need a GED to enroll in college, yet lack the ability to fund their education. Financial aid for students in this situation is available through college financial aid offices. There is financial aid in the form of grants, work-study programs and Perkins loans for students, which they repay. Such programs are available through two year and four-year colleges and trade schools.

Non-traditional students, students whose family income is a near the poverty line and students with disabilities are among those eligible for financial aid for students. All students interested in obtaining financial aid must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Aid Assistance (FAFSA). Students designated as eligible will receive Award Letters from the financial aid offices of the schools they listed in their FAFSA application.

Students must decide which school they will attend and inform the Financial Aid for Students Administrator of their acceptance. They also must inform other schools that sent Award Letters of their decision.

You can find more information about financial aid by requesting information from the schools directly.

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