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Accredited since 1956, Cleveland Institute of Electronics provides online degrees in fields like computer information technology and systems management, electronic engineering technology, and many other programs as well. Cleveland with a rich history of academic excellence serves as a centralized platform for all online learning programs. It provides electronics and computer training via distance learning reminding the flexibility of taking training and completing courses at home. Here a student can choose from a wide range of programs, that’s ready to fit his training needs, including an associate degree in Computer information technology or Electronic engineering technology. The programs are brilliant options for students who wish to achieve a degree, embodying real world applications and principles. For these Distance Learning courses, students receive CIE’s lab equipment for “hands-on” training. It also carries personalized one-on-one instruction, and an exclusive patented lesson program that makes learning easy and effective. CIE has a good, innovative and unique study method, better known as Auto Programmed teaching method. It is much related to setting a new rule for education through self-study. These tailor-made programs help students learn electronics quite easily. Moreover at CIE, Practical seems very much synonymous with Hands-on training. A CIE student can train on his own laboratory equipments, practice to his heart’s content and repeat experiments as often as he needs to master them. The university is proud to have its dedicated faculty. The faculties successfully and meticulously hone the skill-sets of tomorrow’s leaders. They work directly with a student to answer his queries, update lessons, develop lab equipments along with delivering technical assistance when desired. They are committed to encourage every student, giving him support through every thick and thin.

Online degree programs offered by Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Students can take up the following online courses: – AAS in Computer Information Technology and Systems Management – AAS in Electronic Engineering Technology


Cleveland Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, Washington.