Bachelor's in Child Development & Early Education Degrees and Programs

Bachelor of Science in Child Development Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Child Development & Early Education degree program renders students with the fundamental understanding towards the growth and development of children at the preschool age in all aspects in reasoning, language, social, emotional as well as physical.  Also, they would be able to evaluate the educational needs of preschool children.

South College

South College offers professional and career-focused curricula designed to cultivate students’ successful learning and the ability to apply knowledge, think critically, and communicate effectively. Through comprehensive academic programs, innovative and contemporary in content and mode of delivery, students are exposed to diverse perspectives and skills essential to independent and life-long learning. Because academic programs are professional and career-focused, South College responds to local, regional, and national employment needs and supports current workforce trends.

In addition to providing quality educational opportunities, South College promotes the advancement of knowledge by supporting and recognizing the scholarly activities of its faculty and students and the use of scholarship in education and service. The South College faculty seeks to advance knowledge by conducting research and publishing research results as appropriate, creating artistic and literary works, presenting at professional and scientific meetings, and participating in professional development activities, as consistent with the role of each faculty member.

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  • BS Elementary Education