Where to Get College Search Advice

Where to Get College Search Advice

Choosing a college is an extremely difficult decision. There are so many different schools to pick from and it’s hard to learn much from university websites and information packets. The best way to get good advice is speaking with someone who’s attended the school themselves.

Getting Started

The first place you should turn to for college advice is your high school guidance counselor. One of their main responsibilities is helping students find the right college. They have tons of knowledge and experience in this area. You should set up a meeting with them before you start your college search so you can discuss what your goals and requirement are. They will probably be able to suggest some schools that are a good match and point you in the right direction.

Talking to Students and Alumni

After you narrow down your list of schools to a few that you are very interested in, you should try to go deeper and talk to someone who has attended the school. They’ll have the most up to date knowledge about what life is like at these colleges and will probably be more honest about shortcomings than the school’s admissions department. Your guidance counselor might be able to put you in touch with current college students if they attended your high school. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind talking with you about the school on the phone some time. Another good idea is finding alumni of the school. You parents, friends, and local community members might be able to help you find alumni in your area. You could also try calling the school directly and asking for referrals.

Visiting Colleges

Once you’re really interested in a school, it’s a good idea to visit it in person to get a feel for the campus and community. Many schools have programs that allow applicants to spend a night with current students inside the dorms to really get a feel for what life is like there. If know any current students, you could also ask to visit them, or you could go with your parents and spend time on campus and around town. College is a major decision so it’s important to get information from a wide range of source before you make your decision. Getting good college advice from people with real experience at a school will help you pick the perfect college for you.

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