Top 100 Blogs to Improve Your Writing in 2010

Top 100 Blogs to Improve Your Writing in 2010

Here is a list of 100 blogs that will help you improve your writing by providing inspiration, motivation, creativity and new techniques from experts, freelancers, and editors from every genre.

Every blog here is unique in its own way, but with one goal: to help everyone in the writing industry improve their craft with the power of technology and social media.

To the blog owners, great job and continue providing great content!


If you’re a writer who wants to learn from a trained eye, then you can give the Evil Editor a look at your writing. This blog is a pathway for writers to improve their craft by getting comments from a frank editor.

If you are into online writing…or not, this is a great writing resource to read. Practical ideas and writer’s issues are discussed in this well-known blog. You can find copywriter courses, basics, creativity tips, and advice that can boost your writing skills in no time.

Successful and Outstanding Bloggers

Liz Strauss created a portal for bloggers to meet, swap ideas and enhance their writing and blogging skills at Learn how to be a successful writer and blogger by learning from other bloggers on topics such as business and social media.

Quick and Dirty Tips

A complete guide to learn about grammar, punctuation, word choice, writing styles, and more. The title says it all, as Quick and Dirty Tips gives practical advice to help you do things better.

The Vocabula Review

All writers English writers need to be proficient in the English Language. Being the most commonly used language worldwide, this blog seeks to promote its richness. If you want better writing and grammar skills, you must not miss this blog.

Throw Grammar from the Train

Jan Freeman discusses the rules and realities of the English language. Writers have to see/review some of the points to become a more effective writer.

Writing Tools – Poynter Online

Roy Peter collects and shows how tools that can enhance the writing experience. Be it writing a book, a blog, or a website, these tools can come in handy for review or references.

Daily Blog Tips

Enhancing your blogging skills? This blog is a combination of tips and advice in web technology and writing. A complete menu of all the basic and advanced stuff for bloggers.

Paper Back Writer

Being a writing pro since 1998, Paper Back Pro is a personal blog and collection of things a writer can learn from the experience of others. There are some links to books, novels, and other resources chosen by the host of the blog.

Word Smith – The Magic of Words

Learn the “magic” of words with this blog. The main page has a link list to portals of: anagrams, authors, lexicographers, thinkers, and more.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

More than learning science fiction, this blog by many authors has tools and tips in writing and technology. They also feature some authors who have made great contributions to writing with their works.

Writer’s Digest

Write Better, Get Published. Learn how to write effectively from the many sources of this portal. Tips and advice on getting published, being creative, and some creative prompts. You can also find links to conferences, the community of writers, blogs, and shops. A must visit for every writer.

Grammar Bytes

Grammar and all its glory. Learn detailed definitions, tips, and rules. Even test your own skills in grammar with this interactive blog.

Writing World

A complete collection of sources and links for beginners, freelancers, bloggers etc. Writing world is a complete portal for sources in different writing styles. Join contests, communities and even forums to enhance your skills.


Cynthia Leitich Smith hosts a blog that is a source of conversations, publishing information, literacy and free speech advocacy, writer resources, inspiration, news, and author outreach. Writers with the same interests should have a look at this personal blog.

Emerging Writers Network

If you are an emerging writer, this blog is a community of writers for you. Have wider recognition, learning, and develop your own audience.

Write Express

You do not need top-rate skills to write the best letters or other literary works. Write Express is an online shop for letter templates, writing tools and others. Some “cheats” for a better output.

Mens With Pens

Writers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can benefit from this blog. Learn to writer better books, blogs, websites for profit and recognition. They also offer their services for those who want to take advantage of their skills.

Heads Up – The Blog

Personal views on editing and the deskly arts is what this blog is all about. Journalism, grammar, and other references to help both writers and editors.


Starting out as a grammar-oriented blog, it has transformed itself into a authority on topics such as writing tips, interviews, language links, and some grammar myths.

Apostrophe Abuse

A personal blog with an interesting twist: photography combined with writing. Discover how the host and blog readers can get creative with writing and photos.

Daily Writing Tips

Language, grammar and many more topics are discussed on this blog in a light and non-technical manner. A very handy manual for both professional and non-professional writers.

The Engine Room

A personal blog on language use, journalism, the media, and the future. It encourages interaction as to it has links in twitter and other social media platforms.

Having a hard time with English in your writing? Get a good grip of the language hosted by a well known author of EFL and English language books and materials. A credible resource blog indeed.

The Renegade Writer Blog

E-books, workshops, e-courses and other links for the writer in you. A resource blog that encourages queries and interactions for the learning process of the modern writer.

Cute Writing

Learn more about creative writing, blogging, and publishing with this one of a kind blog. Handy tips and links that can make your presence known.

Write to Done

Writers who want to improve their craft in writing (both newbies and experienced) will benefit from Write to Done. Leo Babauta shares his experiences and compiles it in this blog.

The Urban Muse

A freelance writer shares her adventures in writing, reading, and the creative life. A light and easy read. Get tidbits and writing tips by signing up for her newsletter.

Editor Unleashed

Whether a professional writer or not, you can enjoy reading Editor Unleashed by Maria Schneider who discusses topics on writing and the publishing industry. Writer tips, resources, and author interviews are just some of the topics. The most important feature of this blog is the community it establishes.

Manage Your Writing

Kenneth W. Davis discusses the importance of writing in this knowledge driven era. Like any other business, writing can be managed, which reflects the ideas given by the host of the blog.

Writing – Clear and Simple

Words are powerful, by writing you can make a strong impact with your own flavor. Writing – Clear and Simple proves that it doesn’t take a professional to write clearly and with impact.

You Don’t Say

John McIntyre discusses topics on language, editing, journalism, and some of his own comments on things. This is a personal blog but encourages comments and interactions.

Seth Godin’s Blog

Writing and marketing are Seth Godin’s focus. His personal blog shows topics on motivation, writing, creativity, and society delivered in a unique and personal way.

The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar

This blog documents the promotional efforts of members of the society who promote the good use of grammar. Writers can benefit from the influence of using the language properly, which improves any writing.

Bad Language

“Writing about writing”, this blog has tips and advice, interviews, and links for every writer. The blog posts are easy on the eyes as it was categorized in the fashion of “How to’s”.

Bob Bly

Starting from topics of writing and writing for the internet, Bob Bly has started to conquer topics on advertising and internet iarketing. Internet marketers will benefit by learning how to write better, while writers will learn how to profit from their writing.

Writing Roads

A freelancer shares her thoughts on writing, social media, blogging, and marketing, through an easy-on-the-eyes blog. Simplified explanations that are great for the modern writer and internet marketer.

Guide to Literary Agents – Editor’s Blog

Are you looking for the right agent to represent your work? This is the blog to read, as Chuck Sambuchino shares advice on how to be a successful book writer by finding the right agent.

Writer’s Online Workshops

A great resource for the writer who wants to learn more. Whatever writing genre you might be in, this blog has the sources for you. You can start your account to be involved in the community.

Published and Profitable

Aimed at being profitable in writing, this blog is a step-by-step guide in how to make your writing into a book that will sell. Roger C. Parker can take you by the hand and make your book as profitable and as fast as possible.

Practicing Writing Blog

Discover opportunities that require no fees and pay you to write. Find updates in writing, publishing and other writing-related news, resources, and links. All about perfecting the craft through practice.

MFA Weblog

A blog focused on writing and writing programs (the name is from the MFA Handbook) a handy read on creative writing. Composed of a team of contributors, any visitor can join the community by purchasing the handbook, commenting on the posts, or using the writing toolkit.

Write 101

With its name suggesting the basics of writing, this blog is just the opposite. It is for every writer who wants to improve their craft, test their skills, or discover something new on writing. It started way back 1998 so expect a knowledge filled blog.

Better Writing Skills

Everyone can write, but for those who want to have better writing skills, this is the blog for you. Read about business proposal writing, report writing, term papers, technical writing, editing, proofreading, grant writing, and more.

Writer’s Block

From the magazine to the blog. Communication professionals will love this, as this is tailor-made resource for them. Browse the library and archives at the same time learn from the insights and experiences of other writers, editors, and documentation specialists.

The Writing Teacher

So much for tips and advice for writers, this blog is for people who teach writing. Learn more techniques, strategies, and tips to have a more effective teaching experience.

Becoming a Writer – Seriously

Books, websites, tips, and advice for aspiring writers. A good mix of simplified advice. Easy to navigate yet full of information for a better writing experience.

Word Swimmer

Take your understanding of writing to the next level, as to this blog takes writing in a new light. Young writers, authors, and editors that blog will find this resource not your typical archive of tips and advice.

Time to Write

Jurgen Wolff compiles his advice and ideas on writing in this blog. Find inspiration, advice, and techniques that will help improve your craft. Writers and would-be writers will love this blog because it shows a direct approach in expressing feelings through writing.

Flogging the Quill

If compelling storytelling interests you, writers like you are in for an information-filled blog by the novelist and editor Ray Rhamey. Categories range from books, editing, writing or whatever fills the fancy of the writer of the same interests.

Six Sentences

Be creative in your writing, as to this blog shows you how to speak with impact in only a few words. Writers and would-be writers are strongly advised to participate in writing six sentences and submitting it to them as part of contest to see how much impact you can create with six sentences.

Luc Reid

This personal blog of Luc Reid are his ramblings on topics in writing such as stories, inspiration, and the future of writing.

The Writing Show

Made for writers by a writer. Find inspiration or information in this blog. Listen to podcasts, read books, participate in contests, or even take advantage of their writing services.

Write a Better Novel

Aimed for novelists and other fiction writers who want to add new skills, and take a look at the old things from a new perspective. This blog by Bill Henderson is filled of tips, secrets, and advice for effective novel writing.

Write Better

If you want to be up to date with the latest in communications, business writing, and the English language, Write Better has all of that and more. This is the official blog of and offers many free downloads.

Clear Writing with Mr. Clarity

The pen name of the host says it all; this blog is about easy and practical tips to make your writing clear and uniquely you. Joe Roy or Mr. Clarity, has written for more than fifty high tech companies so readers can be sure they are getting the good stuff.

Mike’s Writing Workshop

Take your writing craft to the next level with the help of Michael Geffner, the host of this blog. Receive newsletters, videos of interviews, and other resources to enhance your writing skills.

Kim’s Craft Blog — Fiction, Memoir, Creative Writing

Life and writing are similar, as described in the posts of Kim in this blog. Other than writing-related topics, you can also find links to other writing-related blogs, and a list of literary journals.

Grammar Blog

This blog is an intriguing one, with the catch phrase “Mocking Poor Grammar”. There are pictures of signs around the globe that show word abuse. Readers are encouraged to submit their entries of any grammar abuse they have witnessed or better yet, documented.

Blue Pencil Editing

A good resource for editors and writers who need one. Blue pencil is a blog for enhancing the craft by using the eye of an editor, or the blog host himself. Blue pencil means to edit or make corrections. Writers would benefit greatly from this blog.

Pro Writing Tips

If you want to be a professional in writing or are already one, Pro Writing Tips is a great source on topics such as writing styles, grammar, improving your craft, and even fiction writing. Writers can even take advantage of their services in their contact page.

The Grammar Cop

Ask, read comment anything about grammar. That is what this blog is all about. Practical tips on the usage in grammar with examples.

Confident Writing

Writers write to express themselves, profit, comment, and much more. Whatever reason one writer has, he or she needs confidence. Find inspiration and motivation to become a better writer. It has topics on blog writing, writing tips, and inspiration. It was also name one of the Top Ten Blogs for 2009 and 2010 in

Remarkable Communication

In order to have a remarkable relationship with your reader, you must have a remarkable communication through your writing. Practical tips simplified for advanced and rising writers. Sign-up to receive a free 10-lesson e-course. A simple interface and easy to navigate, it is easy to choose any topic you might read.

The Writing Journey

Focusing on internet writers, The Writing Journey shows how to improve your writing business freelancing or blogging. Take advantage also of the services offered if you need help in writing for the web.

CopyWriter Underground

Topics such as copywriting, freelancing, and marketing are just some of the topics covered in this blog. If you write online this is a recommended blog to read tips and advice from an experience copywriter and freelancer.

Angela Booth’s Copywriter Blog

Whatever style of writing you are interested in, Angela Booth discusses tips on how to be a better writer while having fun with it.

Ink Thinker

This is hosted by a freelancer, Kirsten King, who gives easy-to-follow tips and techniques for solo writers, editors, and other creative professionals improve their business and their craft. Discover books, boot camps, links and other resources for better writing skills.

MarCom Writer Blog

Dianna Huff posts news and commentary related B2B marketing communications. She specializes in online marketing content strategy and development.

Ask Allison

This is a personal blog open for questions and comments for writers who are coming in to the publishing field. A great help for writers who want to make it big in publishing.

Writing Forward

More than writing tips and ideas, Writing Forward also offers services related to writing such as proofreading, coaching etc. Whatever genre you might be writing in, read, learn and exercise your skills in writing and productivity.

Collective Ink Well

For writers who are serious about book writing and promotion, Collective Ink Well offers advice and techniques to write and promote your book. Read articles, watch/listen to interviews, avail of their services. Whatever you do in this blog will sure to help perfecting that book.

Fuel Your Writing

A great blog on tips, news, inspiration, and tools for every genre of writing. Read articles and socialize with the community in this blog. Learn from the experts and experience better writing.

The Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club

A blog and community dedicated to help aspiring mangaka and writers improve the craft or start by giving their honest opinions. It is an easy to navigate blog with fun topics and full of information.

A Writer’s Edge

A personal blog by Georganna Hancock. It is designed for two reasons: to help writers and editors, and also to share the skills of the host. There are three main categories dividing this blog based on the help it gives the writers. 1. Writing Help 2. Editing Services – proofreading and editing techniques and lastly 3. Ghostwriting – all of which is hands-on.

WriteSmart blog

Freelance and aspiring writers would love this blog because it gives weekly, expert and most of all free advice that can help improve your craft in a big way. Learn how to get published if you’re an freelance author or how to write books from the experts themselves.

Writers on the Rise

While the host is focusing on a new blog:, Writers on the Rise has been up for a long time and is now converting into a more personal blog. The articles on the archive however, will benefit rising writers because this is an informative yet social community where writers can learn from each other and from experts. Check out the new blog for updates, as this will be the continuation of the blog.

Mr. Rewrite

This blog is about focusing on the details. Mr. Rewrite discusses topics on spelling, grammar, and usage tips in a lighter humorous way. Writers will learn and find this blog entertaining.

I’d Rather Be Writing

Technical communication at its finest and the main focus of this blog. “Technical communication refers to any kind of user guides, design documentation, audiovisual tutorials, diagrams, quick reference guides, illustrations, on-screen help, or other content that communicates technical concepts in an easy-to-understand way.” A good read if you want to express your technical ideas in a non-technical way.

Your Writing Department Blog

This is the blog of a writing firm that focuses on developing technical manuals and user guides. Find links, articles and other sources that you can use for your craft.

The Writer’s Site Blog

A complete user guide and portal for writers of all sorts. Topics include : writing tips, writing resources, places to get published, writing blogs, self publishing, and More.

Foot in Mouth Disease

Content writing advice and SEO are the main focus of this blog. For writers who would like to learn more about content writing in a light humorous style this is the blog for you.

The Writing Jungle

Writing can be a jungle; you must learn how to get around if you want to appreciate its complexity at times. This blog includes links, interesting articles, and other resources that can help you survive and flourish.

Writing White Papers

Learn how to catch the attention of your readers and keep them engaged in your content, naturally. Michael Stelzner shows you how in this blog and his book. Writers should learn a lot to make a lasting impression of their work.

How Not To Write

If most writing help blogs offer advice on how to write better, this blog is the exact opposite. How Not to Write is a blog that shows the “what’s not” in writing. It gives practical tips but in reverse.

Write for Your Life

If most blogs on writing help make your head dizzy, this blog is for you. Learn practical tips and productivity advice for any genre, as long as you use words to express your thoughts.

Write Anything

Writers would benefit from this blog because it gives advice on how to express the right words at the right time. Whatever you may be writing, open your mind to light reading and timely advice in this blog.

Mysterious Writers

Mysterious Writers is where writers from different genres get their name out there. Jean Henry Mead is an expert in mysterious novels and non-fiction writing. Her appreciation of the craft has led her to the appreciation of the writers themselves.

Write now is good

Kristin Gorski shares about writing, creativity, and inspiration in this blog. Learn how to get the drive and inspiration when creating your craft and get better everyday. A good read for writers who need some inspiration.

The Write Source

The authors behind this blog are a group of teachers and writers who create materials for kids and for their teachers as well. This blog is about writing for the little ones and some inspiration for a better craft.

Writer’s Helper

A great resource for writers, editors, and self-publishers. Get help in editing and writing better in this one-of-a-kind blog that focuses on making better writers.

Writing Tips

The name of the blog says it all, practical writing tips by Richard Harland. Develop good writing habits, good writing work and get it published. Topics would surely get your writing craft to the next level.

Writing Hood

Writing for hobby or your profession? Whatever reason you might have for writing, this blog is for you. Topics range from advice for writers on style development and the business of writing, to analysis of literature from across the globe.

Writing Tips Today

Writing Tips Today is your main source for news and other information related to writing. Categories here include: tips on writing for exams, general writing advice, and information about writing styles.

This is a blog of sharing tips, information and news for any kind of writer by any kind of writer. A social blog for all writers to share their thoughts, links, and even make connections.

Advice From Editors

Jean Henry Mead shares her advice in writing in an editor’s point of view. A place for “how-to’s” and book reviews for a writer’s reading pleasure and learning.

Writing Matters

Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick shares their views in topics like editing, punctuation, style guides, and much more. Discover other links and resources that can enrich your writing skills.

On Being a Writer

Learn the life of the modern writer – from a writer’s life itself. Educate yourself based on experiences, which is said to be the best teacher.

Word Grrls

With the tag “Fighting writer’s block one blog post at a time.” This blog wants to enhance the creativity and inspiration of the modern writer, which are two very important factors in improving skills.

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