New Website Raises Ethical Concerns

New Website Raises Ethical Concerns

Who needs to bother writing term papers to turn in when you can just hire a professor from another school to write your paper for you? Hey, it’s like, a free market man.

The Montreal based website boasts that it employs around 30 professors and seems to take a rather nihilistic approach to the learning process. It’s FAQ asks, “Isn’t it really unethical for you to be writing these essays for cash?”

The reply: “Incredibly so,” the site responds, “and because the academic system is already so corrupt, we’re totally cool with that. We even all have matching tweed t-shirts.”

Students submit their expectations to the site and the team of educators bid on the project like a team of educational mercenaries.

Not surprisingly, the site is already receiving harsh criticism from the academic community.    

(Source: Gawker)

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