The Master List of Free Language Learning Resources

The Master List of Free Language Learning Resources

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  2. Online College Courses
  3. Online Courses – All Websites
  4. iPhone/iPod Touch Applications
  5. General Language Learning Sites


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Free College Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Utah State University

Carnegie Mellon

Open University

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Online Courses

Find by language

Use this directory of languages to skip directly to the courses that interest you most.

A: Abenaki | Afrikaans | Ainu | Albanian | Arabic | Aramaic | Armenian | Asturian B: Basque | Bengali | Bosnian | Breton | Bukharic | Bulgarian | Burmese C: Catalan | Cebuano | Chamorro | Cherokee | Chichewa | Chinese | Chinook | Cornish | Cree | Creole | Croatian | Czech D: Dakota | Danish | Dutch E: English | Esperanto | Estonian F: Finnish | French | Frisian | Friulian G: Gaelic | Galician | German | Greek | Gujarati H: Haida | Halkomelem | Hawaiian | Hebrew | Hiligaynon | Hindi | Hmong | Hungarian I: Icelandic | Igbo | Indonesian | Italian | Ivatan J: Japanese K: Kannada | Kapampangan | Khmer | Kiribati | Konkani | Korean | Koyukon | Kurdish L: Lao | Latin | Latvian | Lezgi | Lithuanian | Luganda M: Malay | Malayalam | Maltese | Mandinka | Marathi | Michif | Mingo | Mon N: Norwegian O: Ojibwe P: Pali | Papiamentu | Persian | Polish | Portuguese | Punjabi Q: Quechua R: Romanian | Rotuman | Russian S: Samoan | Sanskrit | Sesotho | Serbian | Sicilian | Sinhala | Slovak | Slovenian | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Swedish T: Tagalog | Tamil | Telugu | Thai | Tibetan | Tigrigna | Turkish | Tzotzil U: Ukrainian | Urdu | Uzbek | Vietnamese W: Waray-Waray | Welsh | Wollof X: Xhosa

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List of Language Learning Courses

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Free iPhone/iPod Touch Applications

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General Language Learning Sites

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9 Responses to The Master List of Free Language Learning Resources

Learn French for free says: May 8, 2014 at 6:50 am

Dear Madam or Sir,

I would like to introduce my website to your teachers and your students of French language.
My name is Pascal d’Hervé, I teach French and manage a website to help students learn French for free:
On you will find basic vocabulary with audio, games, a section with Video grammar always easy to understand. French expressions (video) and also Ratounet, a little pet singing in French, many activities are in HTML5 so they can be played on an iPad.

Also on you will find News in French and in English with audio.

I hope you will find this information useful,

Best Regards,

Pascal d’Hervé

alex says: June 11, 2014 at 4:39 am

I highly recommend They offer daily sets of prepared flashcards in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew and Russian that prepare you to read a real time news foreign policy news article

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