Is College Necessary for Success?

Is College Necessary for Success?

With the new year right over the horizon, many people are rethinking their career goals and considering going back to school in 2010. People go to college for many different reasons (good and bad), but the real question is “Is college necessary for YOU?”. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

What will my college degree help me achieve?

For many people, going back to school can significantly increase earning potential. Many job opportunities just aren’t available to people without a college degree. On the other hand, attending college can be very expensive and should you choose to study a subject without business applications it might not help you make more money at all.

If making more money is your goal, make sure there are good employment opportunities for people who earn your chosen degree. In some cases, earning a vocational certificate can be a good compromise between earning a 4-year college degree and not going back to school at all. Many career training programs like dental assistant, medical administrative assistant, or gunsmithing can be completed in as little as 9 months at a much lower cost than a traditional degree.

What is your ultimate career goal?

Do you want to be university professor, best selling author, or simply earn a good wage to support your family? Your long term goals should influence your decision to go back to school and what type of education to pursue. If you have a high career ambitions, earning and advanced degree like a doctorateor masters could be a great step towards achievement. If you just want to improve your career prospects, then such an advanced degree is likely overkill.

More Thoughts to Consider

Still not sure if you should to college? This video might be able to help:

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