How Long Does it Take to Get a Master's Degree?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Master’s Degree?

Online question we often hear from readers is “How long does it take to earn a Master’s degree?”. This all depends of course on number of factors:

  • The subject you wish to earn a Master’s degree in
  • If you already have Bachelor’s degree
  • If your Bachelor’s degree is in the same subject
  • What school you want to earn your degree from
  • If you are going back to school full or part time

Generally it takes full time graduate students 2-3 years to earn a Master’s degree and 4-5 years to earn a PhD. This is assuming they go for the same subject that they hold an undergrad degree in. If the subject is different, it may take longer because there may be extra prequisite requirements.

Students who do part time programs also usually take longer to earn their degree because they are not taking as many classes as full time students. Students who choose to attends classes during the summer can earn their degree in 1.5 years or less with an accelerated class schedule.

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