The Definitive List of Colleges that Offer Free Online Classes


Are you eager to broaden your horizons, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an expensive degree program? If so, you’re in luck. Over the last decade, many prestigious universities and Ivy League schools have begun putting lectures, practice assignments, and other course materials online. The best part is, it’s all free!

Below you will find a list of some of the top schools in the country, all offering online education programs. The nature of these courses varies from school to school. Some offer classes through Apple’s iTunes U application, while others use YouTube to post full class lectures. Additionally, several schools have course management systems on their own websites, where you can read class materials or download homework assignments.

Take a look at the free online courses offered by some of the best universities in the country:

Take some time to explore each of these websites. Different schools offer courses on different subject matter, and it will be rare to find one school with everything you are looking for. But since you’re not participating in an official degree program, you won’t have to deal with homework deadlines or rigid class schedules. You can learn at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you. And most importantly, all without spending a dime.

Mix and match courses from different schools and trying creating a semester’s worth of free online classes.



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