What Matters Most With a College or University

When you think about colleges and universities, what is your first thought?  Do you think of some ivy league school like Harvard University or Oxford University? Or do you think of your local college campus or even your local community college.

The realitoxford_collegey is that all colleges are not equal, but that does not have to stop you from finding the right one that fits you and your career goals. What matters most when choosing the right college or university might surprise you.

1) The Name Brand – If you are like most people, you will not make it to Oxford, however having a Name Brand University can mean the difference between getting a job or not. Imagine someone interviewing two people. The first person graduated from University of Phoenix in Medical Assisting. The second person graduated from Fort Smith City College with the same degree. You have a better chance in the job market when starting out, if you have a degree from a name brand.

2) Your Interest in the Program – More than the actual college itself is you. How motivated are you to obtain a degree in a particular field. Do you want to be known by that title for 10-20 years? Finding a college that specializes in your career path is far better than a generic university with a mediocre program.

3) Obtaining the Degree – Put simply, employers look for someone who has actually received a degree. Why? Because it tells the employer that your are a person that can fulfill a commitment, that you can accomplish what you set your mind to, and that you are dedicated.

Finding the right college matters. Find a college or university now.



The Definitive List of Colleges that Offer Free Online Classes

Are you eager to broaden your horizons, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an expensive degree program? If so, you’re in luck. Over the last decade, many prestigious universities and Ivy League schools have begun putting lectures, practice assignments, and other course materials online. The best part is, it’s all free!

Below you will find a list of some of the top schools in the country, all offering online education programs. The nature of these courses varies from school to school. Some offer classes through Apple’s iTunes U application, while others use YouTube to post full class lectures. Additionally, several schools have course management systems on their own websites, where you can read class materials or download homework assignments.

Take a look at the free online courses offered by some of the best universities in the country:

Take some time to explore each of these websites. Different schools offer courses on different subject matter, and it will be rare to find one school with everything you are looking for. But since you’re not participating in an official degree program, you won’t have to deal with homework deadlines or rigid class schedules. You can learn at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you. And most importantly, all without spending a dime.

Mix and match courses from different schools and trying creating a semester’s worth of free online classes.

New Website Raises Ethical Concerns

Who needs to bother writing term papers to turn in when you can just hire a professor from another school to write your paper for you? Hey, it’s like, a free market man.

The Montreal based website boasts that it employs around 30 professors and seems to take a rather nihilistic approach to the learning process. It’s FAQ asks, “Isn’t it really unethical for you to be writing these essays for cash?”

The reply: “Incredibly so,” the site responds, “and because the academic system is already so corrupt, we’re totally cool with that. We even all have matching tweed t-shirts.”

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UCLA Accidentally Sends Applicants Wrong Congrats Email

Getting into a highly competitive school like UCLA can mean the world to some students. At this time of year the tension is especially high as families hope to find out where their loved ones will be going in the fall.

Many a graduate has spent endless hours with extracurriculars and studying for important tests in order to achieve that perfect balance between GPA and activities. And it’s definitely not easy. So you can imagine the shock and disappointment for 894 high school seniors who were accidentally sent enrollment congratulation emails when in reality they were still on the legendary school’s lengthy waitlist.
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Education on the Social Web

Education Blogs and News Sites

Popular News Sites

  • Inside Highered – The online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education.
  • Edutopia – Success stories about what works in public education.
  • Education Week – American education’s newspaper of record.
  • The Chronicle – The No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.
  • Education News – Committed to delivering premium news content where conventional news sources do not suffice.
  • New York Times Education – The education section of The New York Times
  • USA Today Education – The education section of USA Today which includes college rankings and resources
  • The Chronicle Education – A very rich and expansive resource for higher education news and blogs

Teacher Blogs

Student Blogs

Educational Resource Blogs

  • Study Hacks – The Study Hacks blog teaches students how to do (very) well without excessive stress.
  • College v2 College v2 aims to arm students with the tricks, tips, and knowledge to put them ahead of the pack.

Education in Social News

  • Edu cats and tags on digg, reddit, mixx, stumbleupon

Education in Social Bookmarking

  • Edu tag on delicious, furl, magnolia, etc

Education on Twitter

  • university twitter accounts, teachers, students, professors, edu start ups
  • Harvard PressCambridge, New York, London. Publishes nonfiction in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.
  • Yale PressFounded in 1908, Yale University Press is one of the oldest and largest American University Presses.
  • Princeton ReviewBetter Scores. Better Schools.
  • UCLA NewsroomGet the latest UCLA news delivered to you right on Twitter
  • Education WeekEducation Week, American education’s newspaper of record.
  • BusinessSchoolsA financial education and Business School Twitter Stream from MoneyScience
  • DEN (Discovery Educator Network)Connecting teachers to their most valuable resource… Each other!
  • Students 2.0We are the new horizon. We are the future of education. We are Students 2.0.
  • StudentsCreative resource for Media and Multimedia students.

Education Technology Startups

  • find edu start ups in crunch base
  • Edmodo – microblogging for students and professors only (registration required)
  • CollegeNet – Social networking with financial incentives such as financial aid and scholarships
  • SchoolNet IncEducation thought leaders and practitioners investigating, discussing and debating hot topics in education.
  • Academic EarthAn organization building a platform for video and other educational resources from top universities, think tanks, and conferences.
  • Cramster – An online study community of students, educators and subject enthusiasts.
  • Communiversity – A place for students to share their college experience so that others can learn what post-high school is really like.
  • CollegeBrain – A free Web 2.0 Course Management Service (CMS).
  • Campus Explorer – A college search engine and provides online search services for post secondary education.
  • TeacherTube – An online community for sharing instructional videos.
  • Grokit – Grockit believes that people learn better through peer-to-peer situations instead of teacher-to-student, and they are building their companies’ products around this idea.
  • Big Think – A global forum connecting people and ideas.
  • EduFire – Live video classes.
  • italki – An online language learning community.
  • LearnHub – Combines user generated content with social networking, all focused on academic education.
  • LectureShare – An e-learning environment which allows instructors to manage their course content so students can easily access course information.
  • Arabicollege – The leading provider of online Arabic courses using the most advanced technology.
  • ePals – A collaborative learning and literacy community, focused specifically on fostering reading, writing and critical thinking skills across the curriculum.
  • Supercool School – A web based system that allows users to coordinate and hold live and interactive online classes.
  • Knetwit – A proprietary platform that uses the Internet to enhance the existing educational process for students and professors.
  • TutorJam – An e-learning environment where K-12 students can connect with a tutor, anytime, 24/7, to get one-on-one homework help in math, science, English, and social studies.
  • Livemocha – An ad-supported language learning website that allows users to subscribe and complete language courses at various levels of expertise for German, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Guaranteach – Provides students with quick and easy access to a variety of explanations on any given math topic.
  • learnpipe – Whatever you need, if it is learning related, learnpipe will help you to connect with the companies / people who offer the products and services that you require.

Opensource Education

  • open course ware, free online classes, etc

Education on YouTube

  • UC Berkeley – The University of California, Berkeley is the preeminent public research and teaching institution in the nation.
  • Discovery Networks – Amazing stories and experiences from the world of science, natural history, anthropology, geography, and engineering.
  • TED Talks – TEDTalks shares the best ideas from the TED Conference with the world
  • AtGoogleTalks – Featuring everyone from newsmakers to bestselling authors.
  • CareerTV – CareerTV is a website aimed at helping college grads and undergrads get their career off on the right foot.