Associate in Network Systems Administration Degree from DeVry University

Associate in Network Systems Administration

Basic program information: The Associate in Network Systems Administration degree program provides students with the fundamental understanding on how computer networks work.  They would be able to manage existing computer network components as well as launch new ones.  They would also be focusing on areas such as installation, configuration, security and administration of network systems made up of users, shared resources and network components like routers, in local and Internet-based environments.


DeVry University Online

DeVry University Online started offering distance learning to students, particularly working adults, in 1998. And since then, they are able to earn a degree even from the comfort of their own homes as they do not have to take classes at the university campus.  Also, they do not have to sacrifice the time they spend for work or other commitments in order to attend classes as the online software that students use to log on for online classes is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Hence, they can have their class schedules as flexible as they need them to be.


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