Accredited Bachelor's Degree Programs - BS, BA

Bachelor’s Degree Programs by Subject

A bachelor’s degree is a 4-year degree that is awarded at colleges and universities. Although most students require 4-years to complete a bachelor’s program of study, some challenging programs (such as engineering or architecture) may require 5 years. In some cases, students who choose to take extra course hours or arrive at college with AP credit from high school are able to complete a bachelor’s degree in 3 years or less.

Students generally earn their bachelor’s degree in a specific major, such as English or History. Their course work is comprised of a required set of core classes related to their major, as well as a variety of other elective courses that fulfill non-major requirements. Students receive some flexibility in choosing their electives, but their school usually requires a set number of credit hours and may also require a minimum level of study in specific disciplines.

After completing a bachelor’s degree, a student has completed their undergraduate studies. To pursue further education, they might decide to earn a postgraduate degree, such a masters or doctorate degree.

List of Bachelor’s Degree Programs