MBA in Accounting and Finance Degree from American InterContinental University

MBA in Accounting and Finance

Basic program information:

The Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance degree program provides students with the advanced knowledge and skills to be able to use accounting and financial data to formulate effective solutions for business problems.  After completing this program, they would be able to garner careers such as independent accountants, professional investors and financial analysts.


American InterContinental University Online

In 1970, the American InterContinental University was founded and up to today, it is able to provide quality educational training to its students in its four campuses.  And it reaches even more students with the founding of the American InterContinetal University Online, which has dominated the distant learning niche in the Internet by providing top education to people, especially working adults who spend most of their time on work and other commitments.  Here, they would be able to attend to their studies without sacrificing the time they use for work.


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